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ZNC 435 L is shown

ZNC 435 L is shown

ZNC 250 is shown

ZNC 250 is shown

Fire extinguishing system for added safety

Fire extinguishing system for added safety

ZNC 435 L is shown
ZNC 250 is shown
Fire extinguishing system for added safety


SKU : 100105

The die sinking EDM machines of the ZNC EDM series are used in mold and tool making to reproduce injection molds or matrices with high precision and surface quality. The series is characterized by high-quality components designed for continuous operation. The models have already proven themselves many times and offer excellent performance in every size. The desired working parameters for roughing and finishing can be stored in the control, as can the desired working depth. The table is positioned manually.

  • User-friendly CNC control
  • Preloaded ball screws on all axes
  • High-precision preloaded ball screws on Z-axis
  • High quality components
  • Integrated diagnostic system
Working Area
Workpiece weight (max.) 440 lbs
Table dimensions 18 in x 11 in
Quill stroke 8 in
Electrode holder-to-table distance 7.87 in - 15.75 in
Electrode weight (max.) 66 lbs
Travel X-axis 9.8 in
Travel Y-axis 8 in
Roughness < 0.3 µm Ra
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 55 in x 59 in x 83 in
Weight 2.200 lbs
Generator power consumption 3.5 kVA
Removal rate (max.) 0.62 in²/min
Electrode wear, min. ≤ 0,2 %
Mean generator capacity
Generator weight - lb

  • User-friendly CNC control assists the user in the selection of work parameters
  • The machine frame design incorporates modern aspects plus many years of manufacturing experience
  • X and Y- axes are equipped with preloaded ball screws for low maintenance and high precision
  • The main axis is positioned by a precision spindle, which has its own lubricant circuit - ensuring constant temperature conditions at the spindle, minimum friction and maximum precision
  • The dielectric system is driven by a premium pump made by a renowned European manufacturer
  • Machine operation is user-oriented and easy to learn
  • Finely-incremented work parameters allow high powered material removal and finishing in one process
  • Diagnostic information is very helpful

Economical Entry-Level Electric Discharge Technology

  • NC controlled Z-axis feed
  • Compact design for small part machining
  • Rigid machine base
  • Linear scales on all axes to ensure constant precision
  • Separate dielectric reservoir
  • Low-maintenance and high efficiency
  • DC servo-drive for precise control and system stability
  • Easy-to-learn operation
  • Direct parameter input and adjustment at the control panel
  • Machining parameters for specific operations can be stored

control unit
fire extinguishing system
work lamp
scales for X / Y- axis
operating tools
operator instructions

Adjustable electrode holder / ZNC-EDM 250 SKU: 100107
Magnetic clamping plate SKU: 250278

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  • ZNC-EDM 250 Brochure (0.25MB)

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ZNC 435 L is shown
SKU : 100105

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