Optional Accessory Set / ST 130

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Accessory set for ST series dividers consists of an indexer and a tailstock. The indexer is used for indirect separation. Mounted at the location of the hand wheel, it permits a large number of separations, together with transferring the back-gear to the divider. The tailstock with dead center supports long workpieces with vertical setup of the divider.
  • Function expansion
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Product Details

Applications: Workpieces can be clamped between the divider and the tailstock for a horizontal workpiece alignment.

Upgrade to a Universal Divider

Dividing plate set for indirect dividing:

  • The spindle is positioned via dividing plates that have several concentric hole pattern
  • Using so-called shears (two pointers rotating around the crank shaft) simplifies positioning through several crank rotations, since counting between holes on the divider plate is not necessary
  • The user only has to count the number of full rotations
  • Benefit: Many divisions can be performed with only a few divider plates, higher accuracy is achieved by using a reduction worm gear, which causes a high-resolution continued rotation of the crank

Technical Specs

Slot width
16 mm
Tailstock centre height
130 mm

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