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Coolant system is included

Coolant system is included

SSB 40 Xn

SKU : 162339
  • Tilting table for drilling at an angle
  • Automatic drilling feed
  • Work table with 2-axes of rotation for flexibility in operation
  • Tilting drilling head (SSB 32 XN)
  • Well-considered safety protection
Working area
Drilling capacity 40 mm
Table set up area-length 540 mm
Table set up area-width 440 mm
Tapping capacity, steel M24
Throat 340 mm
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance 610 mm
Table swivel range (max.) ± 45°
Quill stroke 190 mm
Column diameter 140 mm
Spindle nose-to-foot distance 1195 mm
Head swivel range -
Table stroke 550 mm
Spindle mount MK 4
Spindle speed 75 1/min - 2020 1/min
Spindle speed-stages 12
Quill feeds 0,12; 0,24; 0,4 mm/R
Drive capacity
Motor rating main drive 1.5 kW
Supply voltage 400 V
Measures and weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)-length 0.95 m
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)-width 0.61 m
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)-height 2.23 m
Weight 550 kg

  • Heavy cast-iron construction with thick-walled column
  • Tapping feature
  • Automatic drill feeds controlled by an electromagnetic clutch
  • Includes coolant system and work lamp
  • Table rotates and swivels ±45°

tapping unit
protective shield
LED work lamp
coolant system
operating tools
operator manual

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SSB 40 Xn
SKU : 162339

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