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KKS 315 T

KKS 315 T

KKS 315 T

KKS 315 T

Dual vise (KKS 315 / 350 T)

Dual vise (KKS 315 / 350 T)

KKS 350 T

SKU : 102121
  • Precise angle cuts
  • Wide spectrum of materials
  • 2 speeds
  • Vise with outer arbor support
  • Rigid machine base included
Working area
Max. saw blade diameter 350 mm
Shaft diameter 32 mm
Speed 18/36 1/min
Width of vise 145 mm
Working height 960 mm
Drive capacity
Main motor rating 0,75 / 1,3 kW
Measures and weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)-length 0.97 m
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)-width 0.56 m
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)-height 1.83 m
Weight 236 kg
Cutting Capacities
Cutting capacity 0° (round) 120 mm
Cutting capacity 0° (square) 110 mm
Cutting capacity 0° (flat)-length 140 mm
Cutting capacity 0° (flat)-width 100 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (round) L 105 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (square) L 100 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (round) R 105 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (flat) L-length 100 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (flat) L-width 100 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (square) R 100 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (flat) R-length 100 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (flat) R-width 100 mm

  • Easy operation, rugged design, and precise angular cuts make this circular cold saw a “must-have” basic for any workshop
  • The entire series is ideally suited for cutting solid materials, tubes, and sections of steel, iron, and light metals
  • The operator guides the cut via a hand-lever, where the ON/OFF switch is integrated ergonomically into the hand grip
  • The models KKS 250 and 275 T provide a rigid vise with quick-action clamping feature and are ideal for small batch productions
  • KKS 315 T / KKS 350 T feature a self-centering dual vise that hold the workpiece firmly on both sides of the saw blade
  • The miter can be adjusted up to +/- 45 degrees by rotating the gear head
  • The selected angle adjustment is fixated via a central clamping lever that is integrated into the machine frame
  • All models have high-torque motors, and the KKS 315 and 350 T also have reversible poles and 2 speeds
  • A large idler gear runs in an oil bath for low maintenance and minimal wear
  • The rugged machine base allows a space-saving machine setup
  • An integrated coolant system is part of the standard equipment on all models

self centering double vice
coolant system
1 saw blade

Circular Saw Blade / KKS 250 (pitch 6) SKU: 109802
Circular saw blade / KKS 315 T ZT6 SKU: 109808

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KKS 315 T
KKS 350 T
SKU : 102121

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