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Manual saw frame angle adjustment with hydraulic drive (15°. 30° and 45°)

Manual saw frame angle adjustment with hydraulic drive (15°. 30° and 45°)

Infinitely variable high-torque servo-motor

Infinitely variable high-torque servo-motor

Spiral chip conveyor included in standard equipment

Spiral chip conveyor included in standard equipment


SKU : 152825

The ABS 600 TNC is the largest fully automatic horizontal band saw for precise straight and miter cuts in the KNUTH Machine Tools catalog. The construction with swiveling dual column frame can be hydraulically positioned by up to 45 degrees in manual mode. A high-torque servo motor with stepless control serves as the main drive, while the automatic material feed is hydraulically driven. The PLC control via touchscreen is easy to program and the spiral chip conveyor included in the standard accessories underlines the focus on comprehensive series.

  • Dual column design for superior stability
  • Manual selection of miter angle with hydr. adjustment
  • PLC with graphic touchscreen control panel
  • Servo motor for main drive
  • Hydraulic workpiece clamping
Drive capacity
Motor rating main drive 5.5 kW
Motor rating hydraulic pump 1.5 kW
Motor rating coolant pump 0.09 kW
Measures and weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)-length 3.11 m
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)-width 3.38 m
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)-height 2.35 m
Weight 3945 kg
Blade dimensions-length 6685 mm
Blade dimensions-width 54 mm
Blade dimensions-height 1.6 mm
Cutting Capacities
Cutting capacity 0° (round) 600 mm
Cutting capacity 0° (square) 600 mm
Cutting capacity 0° (flat)-length 850 mm
Cutting capacity 0° (flat)-width 600 mm
Cutting speed 0 m/min - 100 m/min
Feed per single stroke (max.) 600 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (round) 400 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (flat)-length 400 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (flat)-width 600 mm
Cutting capacity 45° (square) 400 mm

  • For efficient severing cuts of large diameters this heavy machine provides NC-controlled material feeds
  • The robust touchscreen is mounted to a rotating control panel for quick programming and safe handling of the machine
  • The machine frame is a torsion-resistant dual-column construction that ensures superior stability and torsional strength
  • The hydraulically controlled saw frame feed can be infinitely adjusted as needed by the operator
  • The hydraulically controlled vise positions the workpiece in the programmed position, while a second vise secures the workpiece precisely in front of the saw blade
  • The linear measuring system is mounted at the feed system to ensure precise workpiece dimensions and exact repeatability
  • An infinitely variable high-torque servo-motor allows adjustments based on cutting speed

work lamp
operating tools
coolant system
chip conveyor
touch screen monitor
operator manual
hydraulic vice
PLC control
material support
chip brush
bimetallic band saw blade

Intuitive operation and efficient control of all parameters

  • Reliable SMART PLC with ruggest touchscreen input panel
  • In Auto Mode, feed distance and number of cuts can be programmed within the respective configuration
  • In Manual Mode, all machine functions can be selected and adjusted via touchscreen
  • Angle adjustments can be made manually
  • Infinitely adjustable saw blade speed with settings shown on the display
  • Individual lengths and miter angles, and the number of required steps can be entered for each cut
  • All machine parameters can be checked by the operator via user-friendly menus

Resources & Downloads

  • ABS 600 TNC Brochure (0.38MB)

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SKU : 152825

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