Rotary table RT 160

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A rotary table is a universal device for positioning a workpiece at a precise angle, so that it can be machined on its face or side surface. The workpiece here is fastened on a slot table, or workpiece gripping devices can be used to hold it. This allows bolt hole circles to be drilled or curves to be milled. Many models can be equipped with indexing devices for indirect indexing.
  • Compact designs
  • Can be equipped for indirect indexing
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Product Details

  • Completely enclosed design, prevents contamination from dirt and chips
  • Setup table rotates on a large ring-shaped box way
  • The very effective clamp pulls the setup table down straight, without any change of position or radial pressure and presses it against the guideway
  • For quick manual turning, the worm can be disengaged from the worm gear by pushing down the hand-lever
  • Setup table with 360° scale
  • The zero-backlash of worm and worm gear is adjustable
  • Hand wheel scale gradation 10''
  • Hand wheel can be replaced with indexing plate
  • With 4 radial setup T-slots (14 mm)
  • Very low profile
  • Guide slot in the vertical base plane

Accuracy (max. deviation):

  • Sface concentricity of work table setup surface 300 : 0.015
  • Concentricity of setup < = 0.015
  • Parallelism of setup to base surface 300 : 0.02
  • Concentricity of setup table taper bore < = 0.010
  • Parallelism of bore axis to vertical setup surface 0.03
  • Parallelism of bore axis to slot in the vertical setup surface 0.02
  • Parallelism between vertical setup area and conus taper connection axis - tailstock center 0.02
  • Parallelism between slot in the vertical setup surface and the connecting axis between centers 0.02
  • Division accuracy 45"

Technical Specs

16,5 kg
160 mm
Required space, including safety zone
Setup (clamping)
75 mm
196 mm
Center height
125 mm
Clamping surface slot width
12 mm
Turntable slot width
10 mm
260 mm
Morse taper
2 MT

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