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Quick-coupling for cutter head

Quick-coupling for cutter head

Dust collector and filtration unit available as optional feature

Dust collector and filtration unit available as optional feature

Plasma-Jet TrueCut 3060 H

SKU : 144016
  • Independent table construction for high accuracy
  • Powerful ProNest controller for optimized production
  • High performance
  • USA Hypertherm technology
  • High productivity
  • designed for multi-shift operation
  • Extensive options list for customized solutions
Working area
Cutting Width 3000 mm
Cutting length 6000 mm
Table height 700 mm
Table load capacity 520 kg/m2
Rapid feed 18000 mm/min
Weight (without plasma source) 9500 kg
Plasma source Hypertherm


  • Stand-alone cutter table features rigid steel construction for high load capacity
  • Stand-alone table eliminates thermal and mechanical influences on the plasma cutter system
  • Table is prepared for dust collection system, being equipped with electro-pneumatically actuated suction flaps for an efficient fume extraction of the segment where the cutting process is momentary in action

Transmission and drives

  • Dynamic AC servo drives from Panasonic on all axes with maintenance-free, zero-backlash planetary gears
  • Low-wear and low-maintenance helical gears are designed for continuous operation
  • Linear guide ways from on all axes, designed for long life and smooth motion even at high speeds. The width of linear guides on X/Y axes is 20/30 mm
  • The structure of the machine and the selection of components are designed to enable multi-shift operation

Cutting head

  • Z axis with ball screw transmission and servo-driven automatic torch height control
  • Quick-coupling for cutter head allows quick head exchanges for reduced tooling time
  • Use the existing cutting parameters stored in the control to find the optimum cut
  • Optimum bed speed even for fine contours and tight radii
  • Available with 5-axis cutter head, tube cutter, and many more options


  • CNC controller from Hypertherm - Edge CONNECT
  • The Eckelmann IBE nesting software is delviered as standard.

table prepared for filter system (automatic closure control )
panasonic Servomotors qand drivers
automatic burner height control with Hypertherm THC sensor
cutting torch with magnetic coupling and crash sensor
Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC-Unit
19” touchscreen by ELO
laser pointer
ProNest Nesting Software

Hypertherm EDGE® Connect

  • EDGE® Connect, Hypertherm’s newest Computer Numeric Control (CNC) platform, delivers unmatched reliability, powerful embedded capabilities, and a high level of customizability
  • With Patented CutPro® Wizard, even new operators can be cutting production parts in less than five minutes
  • On-screen Software Operator’s Console (Soft OpCon) allows easy setup and operation of cutting station and manual motion
  • Integrated communications with plasma and torch height control systems deliver automated and expert control using installed factory or custom cut charts
  • Custom cut charts can be created and controlled in the part program or made available to the CutPro Wizard
  • EDGE Connect runs on the Windows® 10 Enterprise operating system

Phoenix® buit-in software

  • Phoenix® software is the core operational interface and is common across the entire Hypertherm family of CNC systems
  • Contains built-in cut charts for automatically setting process parameters for mild steel, stainless, and aluminum to enable consistently optimized cutting performance
  • The wizards and diagnostic support tools enable easy setup, use and rapid troubleshooting
  • Built-in help and cutting optimization tips for improving table performance and process outcomes at the touch of a button

Pronest CAD/CAM nesting software

  • ProNest® CAD/CAM part nesting software for advanced mechanized cutting is designed to supercharge your cutting operation, helping you achieve greater automation, efficiency, and profitability
  • ProNest is the only software that provides full support for Hypertherm’s SureCut™ technologies including True Hole® and Rapid Part™, which are delivered automatically without operator intervention, and True Bevel™ which greatly reduces bevel set up time
  • Powerful, high-yield nesting reduces your material costs and increases profitability.
  • Incredibly easy to learn and use, with intuitive screens, and a wide variety of helpful features.
  • More than just a nesting software, ProNest includes powerful features to help manage your entire cutting operation. You’ll be able to quote jobs, manage work orders, and monitor machine status, all in one place
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Upgrade from Q 3000 to Q 3000 Plus Allgas Plasmasouce SKU: 253867

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Plasma-Jet TrueCut 3060 H
SKU : 144016

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