External Micrometer Set 6 pcs. 150-300 mm

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A micrometer gauge is used to measure lengths and diameters of smaller objects. The measured values are significantly more accurate than those obtained with a caliper rule.
  • Available in many measuring lengths
SKU : 129012

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Product Details

  • Measuring range 25 mm each
  • Accuracy acc. to DIN 863
  • Readout 0.01 mm
  • Satin chrome-plated scales
  • Micrometer screw diam. 8 mm
  • C-frame with hand protection
  • Thimble diam. 17 mm
  • With ratchet
  • Spindle pitch 0.5 mm
  • With adjustment gauge
  • Including wooden case
  • Measuring range 150-175, 175-200, 200-225, 225-250, 250-275, 275-300 mm

Technical Specs

Measuring length
150 mm - 300 mm
6 positions

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