Machinetool accessories: combination arbors: combination arbor DIN 69871, SK 40 Ø 40

Kombi-Aufsteckfräsdorne SK 40 DIN 69871

Combination shell-end mill arbors are used to mount tools such as shell-end mills, measurement heads, side and face cutters, saw blades, etc. in machining centers. The tool mount SK 40 DIN 6987 (new: DIN ISO 7388-1) is the interface between cutter spindle and tool. It stands out for its extremely tough construction and wide range of application, all the way from fine machining to heavy metal working. Gripping in the cutter spindle is accomplished with a draw bolt, which can be ordered separately. The tapered surfaces allow for centering, making it suitable for applications at rotation speeds of up to 12,000 rpms.


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